In July he laid wait Jess Vill

This is one of French most fashionable models of the moment. You see it everywhere, posing for photographers around the world, representing a brand of underwear for a brief event … is the guy to follow absolutely. « Jefaisleguet » met him for you. Discover what bogoss thirtysomething former pastry chef, who is engaged without concessions.

Hello Jess how did you become a model?

There are 3 years I was 7 kilos more. Looking at a picture of me it was a shock. I decided to take my hand. Plan, sport and discovery of high protein nutrition. After some time my body has changed. More confident and proud of me, I decided to go. I proposed on a social network, do a photo shoot with the photographer who would want. Two days later I was in Paris to take pictures posing naked.

How was this first shooting?

Almost a highlight. From the first minutes I felt comfortable. The photographer has detected a potential and I realized my first book. I was immediately certain that I wanted to do my job. I was ready to almost everything. Soft bare yes, but not pornography.

How do you take care of yourself every day?

I am what is called a « hétérogay ». For me there’s no real differences. I do not put creams on my face but just a moisturizer. While shooting pictures, we then removes makeup you, it moisturizes your skin … so I will not touch my face outside the sessions. I still have my beard a week. Beardless, it seems that I am 17 years old. I have a pretty manly look. Women appreciate a lot. I workout every day or 15 hours weekly. It’s huge but essential for my job.

What is your style dud?

I pay attention to my dress style recently actually. I’m pretty sportswear, denim and basketball. I feel good in this style dud. Fashion obviously interested but I do not always respect. The key is to be good about yourself.

A favorite perfume?

Yes I Do. My best friend is a photographer who offered me a Yves Saint Laurent perfume. I love it. Can not change.

What is your philosophy in life?

Nothing is impossible. This really is the phrase that I repeat every day. The only obstacle to change in life is the brain. We must pass over. Believe in life and trust.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

The Same. My father is my ideal. I respect him. I want to be like him and keep control of my life and my body. Aging does not scare me.

Just talking about your family. What were your relatives look on your work? In the photos of you naked?

There is no problem with that. My family has access to my photos, but we do not talk. We’re not modest. Since we are always naturist so we’re used to seeing our naked bodies. This is not pornographic aesthetics so no problem with that instead. I work a lot for underwear brand so I’m often briefs or boxers. Photos are always artistic.

You still have a Jess regret?

Oh yes. That of not having started earlier. Having lost so much time. I would have liked to start this early trade, it would open other doors to me. But that does not matter, I still have plenty of time before me.

You’re greatest achievement?

My body. Lol. Not without laughing, my body. That’s a lot of work but I am satisfied. Besides, for you who are reading, here’s a tip: Take care of your body and do sports. This is good for the soul. I’m happy to take pictures. I really want this to become my full time job. Ah yet another success: making pictures with David Vance is just an American photographer that I love.

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