Smoking bath

Both stylist, designer and tailor, Roland Chaillard is a jack-of-all-male high-end and luxury fashion. In 2002, he founded a brand of bathing suits to his name. This is the birth of « Smoking room ».


Roland Chaillard offers its know-how for tailor-made creations on bathing suits. Elegant and refined, they are all cut and assembled in the workshop of the designer in Paris.


The brand attracted by the quality of materials used, a mixture of polyamide and elastane. Very comfortable to wear bathing suits offer unmatched comfort and optimum support. For colors, you have a choice: Navy blue, coral, mauve pink, plum, turquoise, blue sky or just white, you are left to choose. Briefs, boxers or swimming shorts, all styles have their place in an eclectic and rich collection proposed by Roland Chaillard.

I tested for you the Julian line model Marina Bay: Located in a beautiful setting, the swimsuit is already very pleasant to the touch. Its texture is silky. The cut, both vintage and modern, has a beautiful finish. Once donned, the costume well wife’s body. Immediate sensation of well-being. The maintenance is just perfect which is super important. A chic, classy and super comfortable, I can only advise you to discover the collection of Roland Chaillard.


The suit bath Roland Chaillard is distributed in selective outlets and in the most prestigious hotels and palaces, but also the site of Roland Chaillard brand. Count between 135 and 195 € depending on the model. Succumb to the charm of creation and French fabrication.


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