The new masculine gesture

There are chills care conditioners face, feet, hands … He was missing was a care to the genitals. Well done! Here Mojo.



So, what use is this new cream for men? In fact, it has a triple action promises the laboratory Sab Lab that makes this new product:
1-Action adoucissanteL’extrait natural Calendula protects and soothes the skin. It nourishes the upper layers of the skin. Your sex finds flexibility and softness.
2-Action vivifianteDes refreshing essential oils bring energy and vitality to the skin for a pleasant sensation of freshness.
3-Action purifianteL’association of antimicrobial agents and odor sensors prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps your clean longer sex.
Yeah. When is it in reality?
After a week to have used morning and / or evening Mojo (as shown in the user manual), I conquered. This cream is very nice with a very discreet fragrance tonic. He immediately there’s a feeling of freshness that appears. For flexibility and softness of the sex, it’s hard to judge but it is clear that this product leaves feeling clean and fresh. Ideal summer in hot weather. Its neutral pH does not attack the skin and Mojo Natural Sex Care contains no parabens or aluminum and is suitable for everyday use. Another nice surprise, it does not stain your underwear. Easy to use, since it is sufficient to apply to all the sex and to penetrate, Mojo is part of the pleasant surprises among the products tested this year. Try it and adopt it.


29 € sur le site


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