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It has become the must-have brand of men’s underwear. ES Collection is at the forefront of the trend. Discover together this success story made in Spain. ES ES

ES Collection was founded in 2006 in Barcelona, dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of men’s swimwear. After a huge success in Spain, the expansion began in other countries and regions, like the rest of Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Denmark to mention that them) and the United States, Japan, Russia, Canada and Mexico. Currently, the Catalan company has 30 stores in some of the most important cities in the world and has a presence in over 200 points of sale worldwide.

ES collection

The secret of success: a desire to differentiate from other brands oriented men. ES Collection invented and patented the « pick-up » in its male swimsuit (a shell foam which improves aesthetics and provides an instant effect of increasing the volume of male attributes without leaving marks on the front clothing). The company will also launch the solar tattoo (also patented by ES Collection), a form of semi-transparent material, incorporated in the design of swimsuits that allows sunlight to pass through the garment and leave fun shapes, in the form of tan lines on the skin.

ES collection

Almost all its products are manufactured in Spain. After the success of swimwear sales, the brand decided to expand into the design, production and sale of underwear and lingerie, sportswear, streetwear and accessories for men. All these products are now permanent fixtures and are included and updated in all new collections each season.


There are different models of underwear and swimwear, as in Wonderslip, Wonderboxer, Wonderslim, wonderswim and so on. All of these are the usual items in all the collections, but the design changes seasonally so customers are offered a wide variety of products and are able to take advantage of innovation with each new season.


The ES Collection philosophy is very clear, as is its target market. The intention of the company is for the male market to feel identified with the brand and the lifestyle it presents.
ES collection wants to show a freed man, no taboos whatsoever, always attractive.


The target: men who like to take care of their appearance, dress well and keep up to date with the latest trends. All who love to feel good about their bodies.
Until a few years ago, only women could really enjoy this kind of practice, but times have changed and now there are as many if not more men than women who take care of them.

Brand Advertising campaigns have revolutionized the market more than one occasion. ES Collection has always dared to use the human sensuality highlighting the beauty of the male body wearing underwear. The attention to detail millimeter about his images, creating a message with the values that attract and simultaneously transmit certain sensations, are its main principles.

I tested for you the two new 2015 collections:
The Sailor bikini swimsuit

ES Collection bain

Briefs hipster sexy tanga with its cut perfectly adjusted. Horizontal stripes in the sailor style. Pack Up System Integrated with removable foam to highlight your masculinity. ES Collection signed metal ring on the left hip. Drawstring. Cozy and comfortable swimsuit to wear. Price € 60

The boxer vintage etymon

Soft and comfortable boxer mix of modal and cotton. Vintage-inspired pattern printed. Side stripes of contrasting colors and borders. Elastic waistband with logo ES Silicon Collection. Very nice and well cut, it ensures proper maintenance. Price € 30



Find all models on the site ES Collection

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